Welcome to the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation

Our Foundation is a leading Czech foundation supporting sustainable development projects in all regions of the Czech republic. We assist in protection and improvement of their environment. We provide grants, expert knowledge, services and inspiration from abroad. We support tree planting, environmental protection, considerate transport, using renewable energy recources and quality public spaces.

Public Spaces & Transport

We believe that transportation forms an integral part of the public space. Not vice versa. We believe that in Czech cities and towns the tramway, the cyclist, and the pedestrian should enjoy as much space as cars do. That's why we do everything we can to make the traffic in Czech Republic safer, less busy, more balanced.


We consider experience sharing to be a key tool for achieving sustainable development. Therefore, education is an integral part of all our issues. We offer dozens of workshops, seminars and excursions focused on grant management, landscape protection, transport calming, tourism expansion, cultural heritage or social responsibility development.

General partners:
Nadace České spořitelny Nestlé
Siemens AXA

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism development is based on respecting environment and balanced social and economic development of communities.

Landscape, Trees, Water

We believe in positive actions carried out by local communities. And our landscape, tree and water programmes are tailored to foster them.

How You Can Help

Join the Environmental Partnership family of supporters and help us empower our community based environmental improvements.

Grant Management

We offer grant management for governmental agencies and corporate donors. We developed a unique grant administration cloud system entitled Grantys.

Our services

We provide professional services as well. We can create a mobility plan, we know how to efficiently monitor cyclist, we are proffesional public meeting facilitator.