Who We Are: Environmental Partnership

Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation, in short Environmental Partnership is a leading Czech foundation and NGO supporting sustainable development solutions.

It enables people to protect and improve their environment. For this purpose, it distributes grants, runs education programmes and provides professional services (by means of Partnership public benefit organization, a sister subsidiary public benefit corporation).

Our focus is on the issues of environmental protection, sustainable transport and tourism,tree and water protection and quality public spaces. Together with four affiliated foundations in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia we form Environmental Partnership Association (EPA). Over 20 years of its existence, Environmental Partnership has distributed more than 238 million crowns (cca 12,5 million USD) among 2,722 projects in the Czech Republic alone.

Our New Headquarters

Environmental Partnership´s seat is located in a brand new building opened to the public in the city of Brno in November 2012.

Our new seat is called Open Gardens and consists of a top-notch office building, designed by a leading Czech architecture studio Projektil Architekti ltd., and the educational centre for children and adults.

What will you see and experience?

  • a unique passive building: an inspiration for investors, a living textbook for students
  • an entertaining garden: 12 interactive stops designed according to 4 basic nature elements
  • education: seminars and courses for both children and adults
  • conferences: rental facilities

Come and get inspired! 

More information available on the Open Gardens official website.

* Environmental Partnership wishes to thank Louisa Hargrave and Suzanna Halsey of Friends of Czech Greenways NY for their kind assistance with mastering the English content of this website.