We have a 20-year-long history and experience regarding international cooperation with institutions and NGOs from Europe, North and South America, the Far East and Australia. We have implemented dozens of operational and/or re-granting projects with foreign partners; with a total value which exceeds 20 million EUR.

Open Gardens: new seat & new opportunities

In 2012 we turned our Brno headquarters into a green office complex entitled Open Gardens. It consists of two parts: a unique environmental education facility, and an office development which provides a home to several Czech NGOs, thus offering new opportunities for international cooperation not only in the area of education and awareness raising, but also in applied research and practical policies testing for smart cities.

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Our partners & topics

Within the EU Framework, we have been partners in a number of trans-boundary and regional projects (funded from INTERREG, CENTRAL EUROPE, Visegrad Fund, DBU, C.S. Mott Foundation, etc.) or multilateral projects, including those funded from the EUROPE AID program. Moreover, in the last decade we have been involved in EU funded projects and the implementation of the EEA or Swiss financial mechanisms/grants.

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Evnironmental Partnership´s expertise exceeds the range of sustainable development topics, including also civil society empowering and grant management. We are also involved in community planning, awareness raising and education, public spaces and mobility planning. We also have expertize in cycling infrastructure and sustainable tourism (coordinating EUROVELO, IRON CURTAIN TRAIL, ELBE trail and tourism project along the borders), climate change, biodiversity protection, interpretation of local heritage, or implementing the Land Stewardship concept.

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In summary, Czech Environmetal Partnership Foundation offers partnership for joint education, experience exchange and research projects in following major themes of sustainable development:
  • Smart cities: zero carbon urban development, green buildings and green technologies, renewable energy, climate change adaptations, sustainable mobility, electro mobility, participative planning, programming for public spaces
  • City gardening: natural gardens, organic gardening, city farming, green roofs and facades, city beekeeping, alternative beekeeping, food miles, slow food
  • Environmental education: outdoor education, informal education, interpretation of local heritage, art for environment, awareness raising campaigns, empowering NGOs and civil society
To learn more about our activities, please contact Simona Škarabelová, Relationship Manager, at simona.skarabelova@nap.cz,  (+420) 777 556 857.