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SOS Bohemian Switzerland

Devastating wildfire is ravaging unique natural site on the Czech-German border. Help us restore Bohemian Switzerland to its former beauty. Donate now. It´s a burning matter.

Foto: ČTK
Foto: ČTK

What is going on?

Bohemian Switzerland, a national park with many endemic species and unique geology, is burning. Extensive wildfire forced evacuation of dozens of people from surrounding villages and animals – many endangered species included – had to flee their natural habitat. Several houses were swept by flames and over a 1000 ha of forest turned to dust.

Help us with the restoration of the National Park – though small in size, rich in a natural heritage. Donate now securely through Darujme.

Wilfire Bohemian Switzerland help Partnership Foundation
Source: HZS ČR

What happens with your donation?

Partnership Foundation will send all donations straight to the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. We have been working together for over a decade. Our pedestrian and cyclist counters have helped to start the sustainable development of tourism in the region. You can also visit the Elbe Cycle Road which is managed by the Partnership. Scenic road will take you through the lowest point of the Czech Republic in Hřensko – area currently the most endangered by the wildfire.

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Over 400 firefighters are trying to tame the flames.
Wilfire Bohemian Switzerland help Partnership Foundation
Source: HZS ČR

After all, fire is natural for the forest...

...occasionally. We do not want to interfere where nature will help itself, we will not plant trees or clear wood in the noninterference​ zones of the park. Wildfire that we are currently observing in Bohemian Switzerland threatens human life and property, destroys tourist destinations and threatens to spread to other locations. This fire is a consequence of long-term drought and rising temperatures due to climate change. Unfortunately, our forests will burn more and more often in the future.

That is why the Partnership Foundation supports projects that help with adaptation to weather extremes. Your donation will thus contribute to the support of the natural wealth and sustainable tourism of Bohemian Switzerland.


This is the largest fire ever recorded in the area.

Why us?

We are the largest Czech environmental foundation. We offer grants, educate in the Open Gardens and help reduce the impacts of climate change. We have been helping people and nature for 30 years. Thanks to your donations, we were able to support the restoration of the Tatras after the devastating wind in 2004. This year, together with non-profit organisation People in Need, we invested over 16 million crowns in the restoration of gardens and trees devastated by the tornado in the South Moravia.

500 CZK

Restoration of tourist signage

So that people can find their way back to nature.


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