Moravian Wine trails

Moravian Wine trails, regional network of 1250km of cycle routes through wineyards and historic wine cellar lanes brings together 280 wine growing municipalities and many other partners of South Moravia. For more information, go to the Moravian Wine trails website.

Elbe trail

Elbe is one of the most magnificent and beautiful rivers in Europe and at the same time backbone for most popular cycle trail in Germany and the Czech Republic. Elbe trail with more than 1200km crosses 7 regions of Germany and 5 of the Czech Republic. Cross-border management with Nadace Partnerstvi engagment of this international trail is pioneering collaboration along this route which is also part of the EuroVelo network (Sun route, EuroVelo 7). In the Czech Republic almost 1/3 of the length of the Elbe trail  passes through fertile flatlands, historic towns, 2 national parks and Porta Bohemica gorge.  More information in Czech and German available on official websites of the Elbe Trail.

Prague - Vienna Greenways

Prague - Vienna Greenways is the oldest network of long-distance trails for cyclists and hikers between two cultural metropolis of Central Europe. On the backbone trail (430km) or along theme loops you will discover romantic medieval towns, castles, monasteries and chateaux or try out some traditional crafts together with excellent Moravian and Austrian wines in typical wine cellars. More information available in Czech and English on official websites of the trail. 


This long-distance greenway connects 3 important cultural centers of Central Europe – Polish Krakow, Moravian Brno and Austrian Vienna on 870km. In the Czech Republic the corridor is also part of EuroVelo 9. Part of this Greenway between Moravian and Austrian capitals is Brno-Vienna cycle trail, one of the best developed cycle routes in the Czech Republic. More information available on the Czech website.

Other Czech Greenways

There are many other greenways in the Czech Republic worth visiting. Explore Greenways such as Berounka-Střela in Central Bohemia with romantic valleys and castles, Greenway Jizera in Liberec and Central Bohemia regions along cleanest river of the country with splendid rock formations, Greenway of Rožmberk family heritage or Peasant Baroque Greenways highlighting folk architecture in South Bohemia. Along these routes you will always find certified services Cyclists welcome. For more information go to


There are over 1.000km of abandoned railways in the Czech Republic that are no more in use since 1960´and 1970´s. New rail-trail projects include e.g. Vítkov rail-trail in the very heart of Prague, Rokytka and Botic Greenways along Rokytka and Botic  creeks in Prague, Varhany/Organ railtrail in Liberec region - with 17km - longest rail-trail in the country or Taxis rail-trail in Central Bohemia and Kyjov railtrail in South Moravia with interesting heritage interpretation. More information available in Czech on

EuroVelo network in the Czech Republic

Fourteen international long distance routes are crossing on 70.000 km Europe from North to South and West to the East. The Czech Republic is proud to host 4 of these routes that are being developed by the European Cyclists Federation (ECF) in collaboration with national partners such as Nadace Partnerství (member of the ECF). These routes are being developed by international standards with unified European signposting. First EuroVelo routes in the Czech Republic have been signposted in the South Moravian region on more than 300km length. Special signaficance of the routes in the Czech Republic bears the Iron Curtain trail/EuroVelo 13 which commemorates also future generations on dividend Europe during the Cold war. More information on,  (English) and (Czech - currently under construction).