Campaign to promote sustainable mobility!
Welcome to the Mobility Week website, here you can find information about the Mobility Week action and further plans related to the mobility in the Czech Technology Park.

About the project

Transport and mobility of employees is at a high concern of several companies located within the Czech Technology Park. In spring 2013 Nadace Partnerství launched a survey to gather information about transport behaviour of the employees. As the results showed there is a willingness for sustainable modes of transport, a communication campaign was another logical step how to promote this idea. Therefore Nadace Partnerství initiated an incentive to apply for the European Commission Do the right mix competition and succeed with an action called Mobility Week in the Czech Technology Park. Thanks to support of IBM GSDC, Y Soft Corporation and South Moravian Innovation Centre the campaign Mobility Week was held 7.-11.10.2013

The employees had a unique opportunity to win a reserved parking place for 1 month, 6- month public transport pass and discounts on e-bike purchase. The wide range of e-bikes was available to rent during whole week in the area of Technology park and the company carpooling reservation system was tested by more than 500 employees.

Future plans

A mobility working group was set up by representatives of several key stakeholders in the park and city of Brno among them IBM GSDC, Y Soft Corporation and South Moravian Innovation Centre. Stay connected with Facebook and this website!


The Mobility Week Program

23. 9. – 4. 10. Mobility Coordinators provided employees with information about the Mobility Week
(internally and by posters and leaflets)
7. 10. – 11. 10. Mobility Week: carpooling and use of the electric bike promotion
During this week employees could rent a bike and use company carpool software for free. The most active carpoolers won a reserved parking space for 1 month. 
7. 10. – 8. 11. Carpool software testing